Tuscany, and in particular the district of Florence, is traditionally a seat of a product chain in the fields of technologies for Optics, Photonics and Optoelectronics technologies. Moreover, this area offers a unique concentration of scientific know-how in these fields, represented by scientific University Departments and Research Centres of the National Research Council (CNR).
The OPTOSCANA Cluster is finalized at the development of Photonics Applications in the Manufacturing, Biomedical, Spatial and Environmental sectors.
The Cluster’s mission is to support the industrial research, the technological transfer and the market placement, with a particular regard to small and medium enterprises.
The Organization and Promotion of the Photonics Cluster of Tuscany is developed by means of the services offered to local SMEs within a regional funding program called “Advanced and qualified services”, in three main areas:

  • Technological Area (scouting, prototyping, testing, certification, etc.)
  • Organization Area (marketing, international strategy, fund raising, etc.)
  • Training Area

Links with European Photonics Clusters, already existing or at the start:
Participation to EU Initiatives, Technology Platforms and Programmes involving National Platforms and Local Clusters (like ERANET+ in Biophotonics)