OPTOELECTRONICS is nowadays the results of the integration of classical optics (lenses, fiberfibre optics) with electronic technologies for the realization of a wide range of components and devices (e.g. Lasers, lighting systems, devices for critical care and biomedical imaging, satellite instruments for space exploration). It is  ‘a strategic sector that develops components of HI-TECH, which are often the most technologically advanced in many products, such as the laser diode of the DVD player. Other optoelectronic devices play crucial roles in precision industrial processes, such as laser, or for in their application on biomedical and environmental sensors.
In Tuscany, the cluster is composed by a unique concentration of high technological skills, expressed both in the business of hi-tech companies, and public academic centerscentres of research at CNR and at the regional Universities.
In Europe, optoelectronics (or photonics, in its broadest modern terminology) has been identified as one of the 5 “key enabling technologies” (KET = Key Enabling Technology). The work plan of the next European Union research funding programmes will focus on that.
Areas of intervention:
Manufacturing (precision laser in the fields of: Mechanics, Textile, Gold, Marble)
Biotechnology (laser for surgery and therapy, diagnostic tools, optical microscopes, biomedical sensors, nanotechnology   for PDT)
Aerospace, Defence and Security (sensors)
ICT (high speed networks)
Lighting and Signage (LED and OLED emitters)
Photovoltaics (solar cells)
Environment and Cultural Heritage

SPACE: Components and Systems
The aerospace systems require highly qualified know-how and highly specialized planning and realization skills. The high added value production affects the production of components and systems that operate in environments characterized by ionizing radiation in which temperature varies within very wide intervals, and that require a high degree of fault tolerance or interfering.
The Space sector covers a wide range of applications ranging from observation and environmental monitoring, satellite communications systems, systems that provide services for navigation and positioning, surveillance systems and those for security and defensedefence.
The aim is to foster the excellence already present in Tuscany and to operateing in a competitive global market especially as regards: the optical systems for Earth observation from satellite platform or area, observation and analysis systems based on sensors (multi- and hyper-spectral ones) and radar systems for tracking star positioning satellites, the systems integration of sensors, scientific experiments in microgravity, the rad-hard power systems and fault-tolerant technologies and equipment for satellite communications for both the segment space and land, technologies and equipment for processing and data communication on board satellites, systems and equipment for analyzing satellite data aimed at supporting decision makers in environmental emergencies, security, and civil protection in policies of land management including the provision of services to end-user.
Areas of intervention
The components and devices for space applications have effects on:
• Navigation and positioning
• Security, surveillance and defensedefence
• Environmental monitoring
• Scientific Experiments
• Services to end-user